2016… My Year In Pictures (continued)

As we continue my photographic journey through 2016 it’s summertime and a very busy time for most photographers…

bride photography lancaster

Excited bride.




JULY is peak wedding season which saw me working long hours so as not to keep my wedding customers waiting.

I have many photos that illustrate the happy occasions. I aim to tell the story of a wedding by capturing moments that have atmosphere and this very happy bride ready to leave the church was a shot I really liked. In my view, a natural un-posed image is worth ten times more than one a photographer has spend ages carefully setting up, because to me it is more spontaneous and real. You can view more wedding galleries HERE.

party photography, Morecambe

Party time in Morecambe.










Still in July and again on the topic of ‘spontaneous’ photography, some of the nicest shots at any event are when you photograph guests photographing each other (or themselves).

This was a glamorous 40th birthday party I covered in Morecambe and being largely outdoors I was able take advantage of the more flattering natural light for these happy ladies!

edding Ashton Memorial

Stormy August.








AUGUST brought a day or two of unseasonably stormy weather. Up at Ashton Memorial in Lancaster, which is a frequent wedding venue for me, it is very exposed.

So it was a battle of the brollies when guests arrived at one of the weddings I covered there! Fortunately with the neighbouring Butterfly House and the memorial itself, there are plenty of dry indoor opportunities for photos, so all was not lost. You have to be quick though when you do have to be snapping outdoors, as most guests won’t be hanging around posing for photos, so there’s only one chance!

wedding photography Kendal

A four-legged wedding guest!









It’s not unusual for pets to make appearances as guests at weddings and the look on the couple’s face with their dog arrives to join in is always a joy to see.

It also is good at relaxing even the most tense brides (the one in this photo wasn’t by the way). It’s always a great photo opportunity and quite common for the dog to become part of the couple’s portraits.

family portraits, Lancaster

Mother & son portrait in the park.




Lancaster’s Williamson’s Park is a great location for weddings and portraits and in SEPTEMBER it was spot on for this mother and son booking.

For children, there’s lots to keep them occupied and amused during the shoot and some nice varied backdrops for me to work with. I’m a regular visitor to the park with my camera.

candid wedding photography lancashire

A candid shot of a mischievous page boy!






There’s lots of goings on to look out for at a wedding that captures the story of the day. In particular, I love candid shots like this one (left) and keeping a close eye on what the young wedding guests are up to can result in some humorous photos.

I had a wedding in Garstang in OCTOBER that ticked the box as the page boy was always up to some mischief!

autumn wedding Lancaster

Lovely autumn wedding with a twist!





There was some stunning autumn colours and fine weather in NOVEMBER and I maximised on that at a very special wedding blessing I had at Caton.

The couple had come across from America to have their special day at the village methodist church they shared their surname with. It was one of my most memorable wedding bookings.

sunset Lancaster

A River Lune sunset.





I love sunset photos and this particular one, which I grabbed on my phone’s camera happened just a few weeks ago as I was walking back from some shopping in town. It’s no exotic location, the River Lune across from ASDA in Lancaster, but the lovely light, clouds and still river giving a mirror reflection was lovely to capture.

The volume of attention I received when I put it on my Facebook page seems to illustrate that so many of us love a nice sunset and the sense of calmness it generated.

new year fireworks london

London’s New Year Fireworks












I’m a bit shy with uploading any of my New Year’s Eve fireworks photos, as my basic compact camera didn’t do what my dslr camera and a sturdy tripod would have managed. It was my first experience of London’s big display and I didn’t want to risk carrying expensive gear through very dense crowds. So, this was my best effort that saw 2016 out with a bang. At least I got to the front!


HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and do keep following my blogs. Comments always welcome by the way!