There’s no doubt that my favourite time of day for outdoor photography and in particular cityscapes, is sunset and dusk. It’s a magical time, when daylight fades, the sky turns cobalt blue, streetlights begin to give a warm glow, the moon rises and shadows lengthen. What could be nicer, except perhaps a spectacular sunset as a finale? Quite by accident, I was out for a stroll from my home in lovely Lancaster on a three recent late afternoon meanders and this is what I snapped. I’m proud to say that all have negligible edits to colourcontrast and exposure. This is pretty much what the camera saw. Enjoy and grab your camera and get snapping!

Lakeland Fells

Great viewpoint (bar the unavoidable electric pylon wires) looks north to the Lakeland Fells from the northern edge of the city.

beautiful sky

Beautiful sky from the same point looking west 15 minutes later.

Lancaster priory viewpoint

Popular city viewpoint from behind Lancaster Priory, with the Town Hall clock tower as the focal point.

Ashton Memorial

Lighting up time;, with Ashton Memorial on the hill.

St Peter's Cathedral

St Peter’s Cathedral from the Priory steps.

st mary's parade

St Mary’s Parade.

Catching the sunset amongst winter trees and chimneys.

Dalton Square

Dalton Square during a particularly nice sunset and my favourite photo.

Millennium Bridge, Lune

All blue, Millennium Bridge and the River Lune at dusk, all the better with the moon and it’s reflection.