Cumbria’s Kent Estuary is a most rewarding place with a camera, wonderful with it’s sunsets, backdrop of Lakeland Fells, the long low railway viaduct cutting across it and great if viewed from Arnside Knott. It’s a wonderful walk along the old riverside railway embankment to Sandside. There’s the attractive little town of Arnside and of course the well-known tidal bore. There was little to see, literally, on my visit today, with a thick lingering mist. Still worth fodder however for my camera. Here’s several of my shots taken from a brief walk between Sandside and Arnside. It;s quite hard to tell the difference between  black & white and colour!…

River Kent, Sandside

Meandering River Kent near Sandside.

Kent Estuary woodland.





I think it’s a case of less is more with very subtle images like these. A stark leafless tree and tones of grey.

Cormorant on the water’s edge.









A black cormorant stretching it’s wings and reflected in the still water was an eye-catching site in the otherwise bleak landscape.

The railway viaduct is just visible in the background with this long lens shot.



Misty reflections.