A Photographer’s Ramblings: Scout Scar

There are few more stunning views to be enjoyed in the southern Lake District than that on Scout Scar, a dramatic limestone escarpment, just west of Kendal. 

Lakes views

Scout Scar

My first photo is more about the viewpoint than the view. I like the fact that there are some tiny people in the distance giving the nicely lit foreground scale. With a nearby car park and fairly flat top, it’s very accessible.

Don't underestimate the sky!

Don’t underestimate the sky!

Don’t ignore the beauty of the sky, especially if it’s a sunny day with back-lit fluffy clouds! This is looking south down the Lythe Valley.

The next couple of views shows how much of a difference camera angle can make.

Lovely view across the valley.

Lovely view across the valley.

Having snapped the ‘obvious’ view, I dropped down to give the foreground some attention. From the same spot, I get a very different image making the wild flowers in the foreground a focal point, adding depth and the picture tells more of a story.

Lythe Valley, Scout Scar

View plus pleasing foreground!

The flowers inspired me to take a closer look at the ground and I then took a sequence of shots showing how one photo developed into another….

Daisy in the sun.

Daisy in the sun.

Change of angle.

Change of angle.

I held the camera right at ground level pointing up to give a ‘worm’s view’! Then I decided to include the sun in the shot (not really good for the camera, but I decided to take the risk!). The result, I think, is quite a dramatic unusual shot showing flower, striking sky and the sun.

Worm's view!

Worm’s view!

My final shot is the same photo, cropped and switched to black & white with a touch of contrast added. It illustrates that it’s often possible to find a ‘photo within a photo‘. I’m not normally a fan of black & white landscape views as most of nature is a celebration of colour to me, but each to their own.

Black & white.

Black & white.


Summer on Scout Scar

Back to colour for my final shot celebrating the beauty of the top of Scout Scar. If you haven’t been you should go; the perfect Lake District picnic spot!

More Photographer’s Ramblings coming soon!