To all my blog visitors, customers, past, current and future, as well as friends…. Thank you for your interest and I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!

Whether you are unwrapping presents, watching the kids unwrap theirs or dining with family or friends, don’t forget to capture the moments on camera. Keep your camera handy, be it dslr, compact or smartphone, it’s easy to be lazy and let the moment pass, but you are recording history for tomorrow. It’s those around us and those after us in many years to come who will treasure what you record today.


Some of the best and most fun moments to capture are what is spontaneous or unexpected when the camera is in the background. That said, at most family gatherings, I make an effort to briefly turn back into a photographer for a moment and pose everyone together. Always take a few shots as people often blink or you may capture an unflattering expression. It’s such a shame if a great family photo is spoiled by grandma shutting her eyes or Uncle Fred looking the other way!

Don’t opt out of being in the photo yourself either. You in the photo is just a button (and 10 second delay) away! Most of us won’t have a tripod to hand (though handy-pocket sized ones can be useful), but you can usually balance your camera/phone on top of the tv or mantelpiece.

The Christmas tree is an obvious background to have, but is easy to forget in all the excitement. If it’s a small group, for a classic festive photo, why not drag everyone off the sofa and ask them to sit/crouch in front of the tree, with wrapped  presents in the foreground? Check that everyone is visible and don’t forget to leave a space for you to jump into. xmas portraitFor a great atmospheric shot, use the camera’s night portrait mode (longer exposure with flash). This will show off the Christmas tree lights, give richer colours and reduce harsh shadows, compared to relying on flash alone.

If it’s a portrait shot (and if your camera allows), set the aperture to it’s lowest f stop (eg f2.8 or f3.5) and bring the subject forwards from the tree. This will help blur the background and make the subject stand out (see above).

Have a SNAPPY Christmas!

COMING SOON: A look back at some of my highlights and favourite shots from 2017.