A Photographer’s Ramblings: Ayrshire Coast

Being my birthplace, I have a very soft spot for Ayrshire. I’m just back from a nostalgic weekend trip and break from recent wedding and commercial photography work down in Lancashire. You don’t have to venture far across the border to feel Scottish and I took the scenic back road to Ayr encountering a couple of Highland cattle at the roadside; a great photo opportunity.

Ayr, landscape photography, coastline

Beautiful Ayrshire coastline near Ayr, looking onto Bracken Bay and The Heads Of Ayr.

The Ayrshire coastline is a mixture of industry, golf courses and sandy beaches and dramatic scenery, famed for (on a clear day) the wonderful view across to the Isle Of Arran, with sunsets akin to Morecambe Bay’s.

Steve Pendrill photography

Posing in a field.

I found a good spot for a photo to record my visit. Rather than just stood or sat in the middle of the field I found a ‘focal point‘ to make a more interesting shot. I also always think that a subject leaning on something adds informality, looks more relaxed and connects them with the environment. That’s Arran in the distance.

Ayrshire Coastal Path

The old railway path.

The route of my walk was along part of the Ayrshire Coastal Path, which for a short distance follows the route of the old railway line serving villages along the coast south of Ayr, including a station at the famous Turnberry Hotel and golf course. The route isn’t just historically interesting but gives great views hugging the coastline and is an ideal vantage point for a spot of landscape photography.

Portencross Castle.

Portencross Castle.

I travelled north the next day to explore the north of the county, doing a short detour to Portencross Castle, which sticks out into the Firth Of Clyde. The dull day wasn’t the best for photography, but the yacht beached in the tiny inlet adds to the pleasing view in my quick snap. A better balance is obtained by avoiding a central horizon. In the distance is Little Cumbrae Isle.

Neighbouring Great Cumbrae island (which is just a few miles long) and is very close to the attractive seaside town of Largs was my final destination…

Great Cumbrae

Approaching Great Cumbrae Isle from the ferry.

Great Cumbrae is well worth the short ferry crossing from Largs; a delight for wildlife, walking, cycling and birdwatching.

Seals on Cumbrae.

Seals on Cumbrae.

I was delighted to get quite close to some large scale wildlife and capture this shot of a couple of seals languishing on the rocks. The tip here is be patient, don’t get too close! They are curious creatures but can be aggressive to humans if they feel threatened.


Millport harbour on Great Cumbrae Isle.

My final snap for you comes from Millport, the island’s only town but after most of the island’s sense of remoteness is quite a surprise. The picturesque harbour makes a good photo, even on a dull day.

More Photographer’s Ramblings Coming Soon!