A Photographer’s Ramblings: A Festive Hike

There’s no better way to blow away the cobwebs and burn off a few calories after the Christmas overindulgence than to take to the hills. With crisp sunshine and a clear blue skies, I donned my walking boots and headed for the hills behind Bleasdale, near Lancaster.

Parlick Pike

Looking towards Beacon Fell from Parlick Pike.



There’s roadside parking at the foot of the hills between Garstang and Chipping and the ascent of Parlick Pike is steep but relatively short. Don’t forget to stop periodically to admire (and photograph) the view behind you down onto Beacon Fell and the surrounding countryside. Looking towards the light makes correct exposure tricky and look out for lens flare (if you’re looking to the sun) unless you want it in your shot. The weather was hazy today which helped differentiate between the nearby edge of the hill and the distance.

Beautifully built dry stone walls.

Beautifully built dry stone walls.

Despite all the scenery and nice lighting, my eye was drawn to the dry stone wall I was following along the top of the hill. How beautifully and neatly it had been built and what a job doing it.

Looking towards Fairsnape Fell.

Looking towards Fairsnape Fell.

I watched with interest as approaching clouds ‘poured’ through the dip between Parkick and Fairsnape Fells.

Sun, cloud and hikers on Parlick Pike.

Sun, cloud and hikers on Parlick Pike.



The sillhouette of walkers and wisps of cloud crossing the sun made for an intriguing photo.


I have reproduced it in black & white to add to the mood.  It’s a photo with minimal detail with the figures and the fence adding to a sense of emptiness.

Lancashire hills landscape photography

Parlick Pike.





I have saved my favourite photo for the end here. I waited to capture some wisps of cloud passing over as I looked towards Parlick Pike from the ridge above Bleasdale. I strongly recommend this ramble on a fine day, even if the knees may ache afterwards!





It’s well worth it and with a short drive over to neighbouring Beacon Fell afterwards, you can round things off with refreshments in the Visitors Centre. Enjoy!

More Photographer’s Ramblings COMING SOON!