A Photographer’s Ramblings: Plover Scar Lighthouse

On a recent ramble stumbled across the works currently going on to repair Plover Scar Lighthouse at the mouth of the River Lune near Heysham. The 19th Century lighthouse was damaged earlier this year when it was hit by a ship and has been dismantled to allow restoration.

Plover Scar Lighthouse, river lune

Plover Scar Lighthouse base at high tide.


Moved to dry land for restoration.

The lighthouse makes a curious sight on the shore and shows the weathering from years of sea spray.

Lancashire coast

A closer look at the top of the lighthouse and weather vane.

After pausing for a few snaps, I walked on along the coast to reach the ruins of Cockersands Abbey.

Lancashire photographer

Cockersands Abbey on the Lancashire Coast between Heysham and Blackpool.

There isn’t a lot to see when you reach the site of the abbey which founded in the 12th century started life as a hospital. The only building remaining is the Chapter House, now used for farm storage. It certainly not somewhere you will find a gift shop, tea room and coach park, but it’s worth a look!

Irish Sea

The Irish Sea at high tide near Cockersands.

When you’re out and about on the coast looking for a good photo, the sea takes on a whole new look when you catch the sun shimmering on the water. Keep a low angle to keep the sun out of your shot and reduce the risk of lens flare. Don’t forget the photographer’s rule of thirds for the horizon.

Lancashire scenery, landscape photography

Pleasant coastal scenery looking inland.

The scenery looking landward from the coast is initially very flat but illustrates the proximity of the rolling hills of Bowland. Distant haze can be a problem with landscape photography. If you are using Photoshop, try using ‘auto levels‘ to cut through the haze. It’s a bit hit and miss though as it will affect colours and contrast. It will probably get a better result if you carefully highlight the area you want to ‘clear’ but be especially careful working round foreground trees and buildings.

I hope you have enjoyed my seaside blog and that it will inspire you to get out and about with your camera, not least as the colourful season of autumn is upon us.

More Photographer’s Ramblings coming soon…