A wedding guest snapped some lovely candid shots of me in action at a recent wedding of mine up at The Villa, Levens. I couldn’t resist sharing them with you…

wedding photographer Lake District

Let’s look for a good spot for portraits.

I found a lovely backdrop with nice lighting and the couple obliged with a kiss.

I found a lovely backdrop with nice lighting and the couple obliged with a kiss.

Reviewing the images.

Reviewing the images.

I try to be spontaneous with some portrait shots and others I head for a suitable spot with good lighting. Back (rim) lighting is a good option and avoids harsh sunlight on faces.

I always encourage couples to review photos during a shoot. It keeps them in touch with what I’m doing, let’s them see the resulting photos and of course it’s good for my ego; a necessity for all us arty types if we’re honest!






wedding photos Cumbria

The folding step ladder; every photographer should have one!

Gathering guests for the big group photo can be a challenge sometimes. My step ladder is a good vantage point for the photo and commands a better position to ‘conduct my subjects’.

family portraits

The classic family group portraits.

Outdoors steps make a handy place to spread everyone out for group photos. It’s all about seeing the faces and of course encouraging everyone to smile. I work quickly but always take a few, as someone(s) will nearly always blink (usually on the best shot!).

Snapping the rings.

Snapping the rings.

Normally when photographing the wedding rings I prefer them to be off fingers. Sometimes fingers swell though and that’s not a practical option. This is when the macro (close-up) lens and lots of bright light (or a tripod) is a must.

Thank you to Mary from Phil and Lyn’s wedding for these lovely photos and your friendly accompaniment and interest on the day. It gave me a rare and curious insight into my own work.


NEXT AND COMING SOON…. Photographer Downunder and some of my Australian holiday snaps. It’s going to be tough choosing which ones from such a great adventure!