As 2017 draws to a close I cast my mind back over a busy year in pictures… With such a variety of photography work it’s a job know where to start. This time I will focus specifically on weddings; not hopefully as just a big self promotion, but to look behind the lens at my thinking that went behind the shots as well as some quirky tales along the way.

children at weddings

Children at weddings are a delight to capture unaware.

Children, especially with my photographic style are an endless source of satisfying shots.

Camera shy in the churchyard.

Camera shy in the churchyard.

A lot of small children are naturally very wary of a stranger with a camera, so the candid images are what often works best. Gravestones and weddings don’t normally go well together but can be excused for spontaneity.

Engrossed with technology!

Engrossed with technology!

These shots were taken during the ‘ arriving and waiting’ part of the wedding. Nowadays you will most often find kids (and some adults!) engrossed on social media, playing computer games or browsing online.

Never too old!

Never too old!


As I said, adults find many ways of amusing themselves at weddings too!

flower girl

Happy to pose!

Young Bridesmaids and flower girls all dressed up and wearing a smile make lovely photos that everyone loves.

bride photo

Bride’s group in the room.

Before heading to the ceremony, the bride and her entourage often make a nice photo in the room where the preparations took place. Tracey and the girls were a good example.

Talking of the preparations, it’s not just about the girls, as groom Chris in the mirror puts the finishing touches to his hair.

groom photo.

Groom in the mirror.

Aston Memorial wedding

Here comes the bride!

Lancaster Town Hall wedding

Lancaster Town Hall wedding.










A very familiar venue for me is Ashton Memorial, where the bride gets to make a grand entrance, and I get to struggle with challenging back lighting!

Less familiar for me though still very local is Lancaster Town Hall, who’s council chamber makes an unusual and striking location for a wedding ceremony. On this occasion at Rachel and Pete’s early season wedding in March I donned my occasionally used fish-eye lens for a very wide shot to show off the lovely ceiling. I also liked the warm dark tones of the wood paneling. Digitally replacing a bulb in one of the light fittings which was awaiting attention, is a useful skill for the savvy snapper!

Garstang wedding

Debbee & Phil tie the knot in Garstang.

Candid style shots can work during the ceremony too and my first wedding at St Mary & Michael Church in Garstang had that look as I snapped through this rather shapely wooden screen.

It also helps reassure a priest who would rather a wedding photographer was seen and heard as little as possible. Sensitivitve and unobtrusive are my middle names when I am working at a wedding!

There are lots of examples of bride and groom portraits from weddings this year that I am particularly pleased with, but here’s several I liked and why…

Garstang Country Hotel, The Villa Levens

Andy & Tracey and Andrew & David at Garstang Country Hotel and Lindsey & Steve at The Villa, Levens.

Glendower Hotel, St Anne's

Lyn & Phil at The Villa, Levens and Dawn & Joe opposite the Glendower Hotel, St Anne’s.














Above, the Garstang Country Hotel hanging baskets and tubs out front always look good, as does the tree lined avenue in front of The Villa. In the bottom left shot, I made use of a hidden wooded path behind the hotel bins to create a romantic Spring wedding theme. The flowering wild garlic set the scene and my Photoshop skills at removing passing traffic on the Kendal bypass in the background saved the shot! Lastly, there’s something very photogenic about grass covered sand dunes and open sea as a backdrop for a portrait.

I hope you have enjoyed these few highlights from this year’s weddings. I estimate that I have taken around 15,000 wedding photos this year, hence why it’s been tough to narrow it down to a few of my favourites. There’s more in my second installment coming shortly. If you can’t wait until then, you can view most of them in my wedding galleries HERE! (where couples haven’t requested hidden galleries)