Sparkling sunshine at the weekend just had to be taken advantage of! The Kentmere Valley between Kendal and Windermere is a wonderful area for walking and is very accessible too, being only an easy short drive from the M6. My last visit several years ago saw me on a more serious hike onto the fells at the top of the valley.


Looking up Kentmere Valley from near Staveley.

Whilst steep in places, this walk was a rewarding ramble from Staveley village taking in three tarns, bank of the River Kent and some beautiful views.

Pottern Tarn

Reflections on Pottern Tarn.

Pottern Tarn, which has a small dam at one end is at quite a bleak spot on the eastern side of the valley, but it is tranquil and it’s still waters brings pleasing reflections to photograph as will as a good place for a picnic. If you’re preferred to hang on a bit, then another 15 minutes or so brings you too the slightly larger and arguably prettier Gurnal Dubs Tarn.

First hints of Autumn colours.

Gurnal Dubs

Gurnal Dubs Tarn.










The reed covered banks and beautiful blue reflections made this a pleasing image to snap and a really lovely quiet spot to spend some time.

beautiful sky.

As often with landscape photos of mine, it is the sky that captures my attention most and the streaks of cirrus clouds here over the fells looked very appealing.

bird of prey, Lake District

Soaring bird of prey.

Talking of looking to the sky, I was lucky enough to capture this shot of a soaring bird of prey. Frustratingly I haven’t been able to confidently identify it (and I’m not too good at bird names). What beautiful markings on the underside of the wings I thought though and I worked my way round so the sun would would brighten the outline of it’s feathers. 300mm lens and over-exposed by one stop. Getting it in the lens was the first battle though!

Langdale Pikes

Lush Kentmere Valley contrast with the jagged Langdale Pikes in the distance.


Graceful Heron.

Another lovely bird to photograph is the heron, an interesting and graceful bird. Despite it’s size, getting a really good photo isn’t that straightforward, as they are quite shy and will take off at the slightest distraction.


This walk is about 6.5 miles and classed as ‘easy to moderate’ Here are the details if you fancy doing it yourself. It’s quite easy to follow except, I felt, for the last bit where I ended up missing the path to join the Dales Way along the river and returned mostly along a county lane. Parking can be tricky in Staveley village by the way, especially at weekends, but there’s always the train. The village is lucky enough to still have a station. If tea and cake is an obligatory part of your day (as mine), then you won’t go wrong on this walk as Stavely has a couple of good cafes.

Happy rambling and more coming soon!