Digital Photo Restoration

Everyone has some treasured tatty old family photos. Why not have them magically brought back to life? Most damaged photos can be digitally restored and reprinted. Torn, faded, creasedstained, or marked, the majority can be digitally copied and improved*. Photos may even be edited to remove unwanted subject matter! Prices start from just £5 per photo, for a very simple repair (and most are under £50). This includes a new digital image emailed to you, so you can print your own copies, if you wish!

Got a lot of photos?… I offer a bulk discounted rate and am always happy to advise. *Was your photo professionally taken and marked copyright? If so, you should first check if the original photographer or their successor is still in business.

NEW: Ask about digitally colouring black & white photos!

Many customers are amazed at the results (see examples below). For a free quote or advice, just take a good quality snap of your photo and email it to , or arrange to call personally.

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