A truly delightful and easy (apart from the short but steep ascent) walk with great panoramic views can be found in North Lancashire, a few miles east of Garstang. I am referring to Parlick and the adjoining Fairsnape Fell.

Parlick & Fairsnape.

The trickiest bit is probably finding the starting point, or at least the one I usually choose. Park on Startifants Lane, a narrow country lane between Bleasdale and Chipping running along the side of the hill. Turn left and walk up the lane to an old cottage on the hillside and keep going ahead, straight up the fell. At the summit you will see a fence on your left. Follow that as it initially drops from the summit, and rises up on to a ridge leading to Fairsnape Fell summit. Return the same way or via a lower easier path that goes round Parlick.

Parlick, Fairsnape

The ridge between Parlick and Fairsnape.

This is a wonderfully rewarding walk and once you scale the first peak,  straightforward and usually not too muddy underfoot (always a bonus). It is the stunning view of the Lancashire coastline that I particularly love, as well as the bleak moorland looking inland. A much loved country park I’ve featured before, Beacon Fell is visible nearby to the south. In fact you can, on a clear day, see the Lake District Fells, outline of the Isle Of Man, Blackpool Tower and the mountains of North Wales, all from the same ridge.

Pendle Hill

Looking east towards Pendle Hill.

Todays ramble was a special one for two reasons… It seemed like the perfect choice for a New Year’s day stroll and because finding some snow made it feel all the more ‘seasonal’! I love photographing snowy landscapes. Do remember to over-expose a little, especially on an overcast day, as the reflectivity of the snow confuses most cameras’ light meters.

Don’t forget to stop for a selfie!

Fairsnape and Parlick summit.

Once you’ve had enough of the walking or have reached Fairsnape’s summit, just turn round and head back the same way. To may it a little easier, a path veers right in the dip between the two hills. This give slightly different views, but perhaps more importantly, avoids the need to scale Parlick’s summit again. This stretch is where you may encounter the worst of any mud by the way.

More Photographer’s Ramblings Coming Soon!…