Welcome to my latest ‘Photographer’s Ramblings‘. I   ventured over the Scottish border (just), to the attractive market town of Annan. Splitting my tickets and choosing trains carefully allowed me to bag a really good deal for a reasonably long journey (about 80 miles). The rich red sandstone, typical of South West Scotland. makes for a good contrast against a blue sky day. And it does have some interesting buildings, even if several of them look like they need a bit of tlc.

Historic Annan.

River Annan

River Annan.

Leaving the town behind me, I headed down the pleasant Riverside path; part of the Annandale Way. A couple of miles from the town it opens out into the Solway Firth. the other side of neighbouring Newbie village. The view across the estuary is a delight on a clear sunny day, with the sun reflecting on the water and the hills of Cumbria in the background. Of course an attractive sky makes all the difference.


Looking across the Solway Firth.


The Galloway Hills in the distance.

Turning to the west I see the beautiful hills of Galloway rising out of the mist. Having sat for a while and soaked up the tranquillity, I headed back towards Annan, where I encountered some industrial heritage, that made for some interesting photos.

old railway

Old railway amongst the trees.

The disused track heads across a bridge.


There used to be a short railway branch from the main line down to Newbie, where it served a boiler factory (still there) and brick & tile works (long closed). The line was last used in the early 1970s after which it returned to nature. Some of the track is still there, though hard to find amongst dense vegetation. For me, that makes it all the more interesting.

A small rather primitive iron girder bridge over a stream was a curious find. The track and sleepers appear to dangle precariously. It’s a wonder that the structure was ever strong enough to take the weight of a train!

Old Mill Burn, Newbie

Old railway bridge over Old Mill Burn, Newbie.

River Annan looking towards the coast.


Annan Bridge

Annan Bridge at the west end of the town.

Annan’s fine sandstone bridge glows in the sun. It is busy with traffic when I return to the station, for my train back to Carlisle.


Carlisle is a fine city. I always enjoy visiting it. Today I was primarily there to change trains, but took time for a wander round and decided to visit the magnificent Cathedral.

Carlisle cathedral

Carlisle Cathedral.

I am very familiar with the outside. It is however a long time since I have been inside. It is well worth the visit, particularly because of the magnificent ceiling.

A closer look at the striking cathedral ceiling.

I also liked the sun’s rays beaming in. Also worth time to marvel over are the beautiful stained glass windows, which is something I always enjoy photographing.

stained glass

One of the marvellous stained glass windows.

I hope you have enjoyed my latest ‘ramblings’. More to come soon and get ready with your cameras for the Autumn colours!