A Rewarding Stroll Along The River

A short but particularly beautiful walk along the River Lune from the well known Crook O’ Lune, is a delight, especially in Spring. In just a few easy steps you go from viewpoint, to tranquil river, Spring lambs and the finale, the bluebells of Aughton Woods. Few short walks could be so rewarding and give so much to either rambler or photographer.

Starting with a lovely view up the river.


Delightful lamb.

If you have camera in hand, especially with a decent zoom, it’s hard to resist snapping a few shorts of new-born lambs in the field you pass through. And it doesn’t take a lot of skill to get a pleasing shot.

Peeping lamb

This shot made me smile, as did the next one of a lamb that looks like it’s smoking a cigarette! Not photo-editing on this occasion (and why would I?) and actually a lamb chewing on a twig.

Look a little closer!

My final snap whilst crossing the field, was I felt this delightful mother and baby photo!

Side by side in life!

Into The Woods…

I left the sheep and lambs behind when I came to the edge of woodland; Aughton Woods to be precise. Always a pleasant stroll, but famed locally for the abundance of bluebells.

aughton woods

Aughton Woods bluebells.

As you may have read in a previous blog of mine, bluebells aren’t that easy to photograph and make look impressive. It’s always tempting to zip up the colour saturation and or contrast. My preference is to look for the most concentrated patches and experiment with different angles and viewpoints, as well as lenses, wide and telephoto/zoom.

A striking floral mix.

Bluebells along with wild garlic make for a contrasting sight as well as smell. Contrasting colours; white, blue and green make for a pleasing picture.

Shallow depth of focus.



Using a shallow depth of focus or portrait setting, will allow you to sharply highlight some floral detail in the foreground where focusing on and have bluebells in the background turning to an attractive blue haze.


Why not include a path in your photo?

bluebell, wild garlic

Study of bluebell and wild garlic.


Including a path or track in such a photo gives depth and direction as well as added interest. It entices the viewer into the image.


I always love to include some close-up photography too to pick out the detail and blur the background.

Bluebells on the hill.

A bit of sunshine through the trees brings out the colour.


A low angle and the brow of a hill, makes for a more concentrated line of blue.

One more photo of the bluebells in Aughton Woods before I headed back to the car park at Crook O’ Lune. The main attraction at Lancaster’s Crook O’ Lune, apart from the lovely view up the river towards Yorkshire is the pair of beautiful and nicely preserved old railway bridges. Definitely worth a photo, even if I’ve snapped them many times before.

bridges, Lune

One of the old railway bridges over the Lune, with the road bridge behind.




I hope you have enjoyed my Feel-good photographic wander along the river Lune and will join me for more Photographer’s Ramblings soon!…

Me with camera in hand!