A Photographer’s Ramblings: From Blackpool To Isle Of Man

I am delighted that the once lovely little (and surprisingly busy) airport at Blackpool recently awoke to daily flights again (to Isle Of Man and Belfast). Discovering that the terminal building is portakabin and facilities are minimal, is initially a shock to the system, but the experience is worth it!

Basic baggage reclaim at Blackpool!

Basic baggage reclaim at Blackpool!

Citywing, Ronaldsway

At Ronaldsway Airport

Citywing staff were great and you even get called through security by name! Flying was a fun experience, although perhaps not for the very nervous flyers. With 18 seats and propellers on the wings, it was quite noisy and a touch bumpy. When in the air, I wasted no time with grabbing a few photos out of the window.

Blackpool Airport

Taking off from Blackpool.

Even a cheap compact camera can manage some reasonable shots if you’re careful… Keep the camera lens as close as possible to the glass to minimise reflections and choose a fast shutter speed to avoid camera shake.

Blackpool prom

Blackpool looking north.

Blackpool is very photogenic from the air, with the long promenade piers and (if you look carefully) Tower in the distance. Of course, a clear sunny day if you have one is a huge help.


Blackpool Tower & Piers

Once you’re over the sea, put the camera away and wait for a sighting of land. I snapped some shots in the approach to the Isle Of Man’s Ronaldsway Airport.


Langness peninsula on the island’s southeast coast.

The narrow rocky peninsula of Langness with it’s lighthouse, golf course and ruined chapel is worth a visit and is a pleasant walk from the nearby town of Castletown.

Picture postcard view of Castletown from the air.

Picture postcard view of Castletown from the air.

On my return flight a few days later (after wall to wall sunshine he gloated!) I took a few more shots of the island and Douglas in the distance.

First shot after take off.

First shot after take off.

A bit hazy but pleasing rural aerial view of the island.

A bit hazy but pleasing rural aerial view of the island.

Isle Of Man

East coast view south of Douglas.

The island’s capital town of Douglas is surprisingly large for a relatively small island. The sweep of the elegant Victorian promenade is just visible in my last photo as I zoomed in through the haze and bode farewell to a very enjoyable break on this beautiful and under-promoted holiday destination.


Douglas in the distance.

More Photographer’s Ramblings Coming Soon…