Scout Scar

Welcome to my latest instalment of ‘A Photographer’s Ramblings‘. My travels took me to a very popular spot just outside Kendal, where there is easy access to one of the Lake District’s finest viewpoints, Scout Scar

Scout Scar

Scout Scar looking over the Lyth Valley

Initially I wasn’t sure if heading there was worth it, being a dull very misty day. As fortune would have it though, the clouds broke just at the right time to reveal  atmospheric rays of sun into the Lyth Valley

I only had my iPhone, (the older one without the good camera!) on me but still managed to grab this and the next shot.

Lyth Valley

Misty Lyth Valley from Scout Scar, before the sun broke through.

It just goes to show how quickly the weather can change, especially in the Lake District and it’s always going prepared, with clothing and footwear as well as a decent camera!


My third photo was on another recent misty day in the Lakes, this time at Bowness. I snapped this view looking over the lake as the fog began to clear. It was so still and quiet and definitely a good time to visit the often depressingly (albeit profitably) overcrowded Lakes.

Looking up Lake Windermere from Bowness.


Boats tied up at Bowness.

I hope you have enjoyed my mini Lake District adventure. Happy Snapping folks!…