Historic Rochdale Town Hall

Welcome to my latest Ramblings. I haven’t been to Rochdale for many years and after I heard the their splendid historic Town Hall had been refurbished and was open for visits, I thought I’d take a look round…

Stunning staircase and stained glass.

The first thing that hit me inside was the fabulous staircase with stained glass windows that the grandest of cathedrals would be proud to have. A fantastic backdrop for wedding photos too!

Ornate carving in the Mayor’s Parlour.

Sometimes it’s worth looking for the smaller details and this beautiful wood carving in the Mayor’s Parlour was worth a shot, especially as it was near the window and was nicely lit. The dramatic designs on the walls isn’t on wallpaper by the way, it’s all hand painted. Rochdale Town Hall was built in the 1860s and is the finest of Victorian Gothic Architecture.

Rochdale Town Hall

Great Hall, Rochdale Town Hall.

Beautiful wall and ceiling paintwork tells the story of Rochdale.

The Grand Hall is very much that, with a riot of detail on the wall and ceilings. It’s a job to know where to start with your camera! You are welcome to wander which is a really nice touch and no need to book or buy a ticket. It’s free. Clearly the Council are proud to show off their building and I can’t blame them!

Cherubs on the Grand Hall ceiling.

Zooming in on carved cherubs on the Grand Hall ceiling.

The exterior of the Town Hall and it’s clock tower is well worth a few shots too.

Gracie Fields

Gilded lions and the clock tower.

I can’t talk about Rochdale without mentioning the town’s most famous daughter; the late Dame Gracie Fields. She was once one of the country’s highest paid and most loved entertainers. In 1947 she made a  balcony appearance at Rochdale Town Hall and addressed a crowd of thousands. There’s a statue of Gracie outside the Town Hall. I have a personal connection to Gracie, in that my Great Uncle worked for her for a time as her butler!

The ‘Our Gracie’ statue.

I hope you have enjoyed my photographic peep inside Rochdale Town Hall. I strongly recommend visiting yourself if you get a chance. Alternatively there is a good website which includes an excellent ‘virtual tour: CLICK HERE