Morecambe Promenade lit up for several nights with a new festival, ‘Baylight‘. I went down with my camera to check it out on the final night. I enjoyed the spectacle as well as the photographic challenge it created. The best time would have been dusk, so my challenge with a darker sky was all the greater. It was certainly heartening to see Morecambe busy in February and everyone enjoying the event. No doubt local businesses would have been pleased too. Let’s hope this event will not be a one-off.

Midland hotel

Morecambe’s iconic art deco Midland Hotel was bathed in green.

winter gardens

Laser lights from the Winter Gardens.




Morecambe’s beautiful Winter Gardens were the source of laser lights shooting into the night sky. Ironically I found that they showed up better via the camera than the natural eye, and that was with very minimal editing. I think this was the highlight of my walk along the Prom.

Eden project

Lasers over the site of the proposed Eden project.

All aglow; Morecambe’s Remembrance Gardens, with the Midland Hotel in the background.


I really loved the lighting effect glowing in the town’s remembrance garden and decided to shoot through the palm trees, making the scene look rather exotic and mysterious.

Stone Jetty

Mesmerising lighting and music display on the Stone Jetty.

Giant colour changing cubes drew a crowd of onlookers.

I’ve snapped popular musical lighting installation before, at the ‘Light Up Lancaster‘ event.

Euston Road

Euston Road gets some extra lighting for the event.

Pedder Street and the boarded up Queens Hotel gets lit up. I was a regular at this was a much missed Saturday night destination back in the day.

Morecambe Illuminations

More reminiscent of Blackpool than Morecambe,  I fondly remember Morecambe Illuminations, which used to draw thousands of visitors to the town and was once a close rival to Blackpool’s more famous display.

Modern lighting and lovely colours.

A lovely stretch of the Prom lit up for the occasion.

This stretch of Marine Road East including the Lothersdale Hotel, a popular wedding venue, is also very evocative of Blackpool and looked very nice.