As the attractions at Lancaster On Ice are beginning to be packed away for another year, I look back on my visit yesterday, on the final day of opening. Whilst I have seen many nice photos of the giant ferris wheel and ice rink, I wanted to try to grab some nice shots from the top of the wheel.

ferris wheel

Lancaster’s giant ferris wheel.

It was a chance to view Lancaster city centre from above. To get some good shots you need the right kind of weather and lighting, as well as a decent camera of course. I aimed for dusk. Unfortunately my timing wasn’t ideal, as most of the streetlights hadn’t come on yet to compliment the dim natural lighting. This was to stretch the ability of the camera. As well as this, the ‘capsule’ was surrounded by glass, wet from earlier rain. There were many moving obstructions too thanks to the wheel itself. Anyway, having finished making excuses, here is one or two shots…

St Peter's Cathedral

St Peter’s Cathedral and the rows of Victorian terraces behind.


Looking north over Sainsburys car park, the river and Skerton.

St Leonardsgate, Grand Theatre, Gillow

Great John Street, St Nicholas Arcades, the two abandoned churches and St Leonardsgate with the Grand Theatre and former Gillow buildings.

Looking through the wheel from half way up.

Of course, I can’t ignore the skaters below.

ice rink

Lancaster’s festive ice rink.

My final aerial view takes in more of Dalton Square, ice rink and the Town Hall.

Dalton Square

Dalton Square, Lancaster

Ice skaters from ground level.






Back down on ground level, the carousel was such a colourful subject to photograph and yes, of course I had a go on it!


Beautifully decorated and lit, the carousel makes for good photos.

Choose your horse!


Traditional funfair entertainment.

A striking sight in Lancaster, the giant wheel and carousel.























And finally, you know me… I love a good reflection and yesterday didn’t disappoint!

Reflections at Dalton Square.