Catch The Wind

A really lovely event at Morecambe this weekend, was the annual ‘Catch The Wind’ kite festival. Perfect weather and great to see the seafront so busy as well as the visibility across Morecambe Bay so clear. Just enough of a breeze for good flying. It’s a great and easy event to photograph with endless opportunities for good snaps, especially in such good weather. It’s the originality of some of many of the huge elaborate kites that is so impressive: More akin to a flying art exhibition than a kite festival! Enjoy a few of my snaps.

morecambe kite festival

Busy scene on Morecambe beach for the annual kite festival.

Watching from the Prom.

Kites of all shapes and sizes.

Unusual and original, flying egg and chips!

Dogs and birds.

Giant teddy floats above.

More Music Morecambe street theatre on The Jetty.