It may just be me, or the weather, but there seems to be a lack of really good Autumn colours this year. So, with a crisp sunny morning I snapped a few shots whilst waiting to do a family portrait shoot at the Crook O’ Lune. The timing was good, as the sun was in the right place and this wonderful beauty spot wasn’t too busy. I couldn’t let the very photogenic Autumn season pass by without grabbing a few nice photos and I feel much better for having managed to pay homage to this most fabulous time of year to be out enjoying the scenery.

Crook O Lune

Crossing counties; looking up the valley towards Ingleborough.

Zooming in on Ingleborough.

Zooming in on Ingleborough.

Autumnal path.

Autumnal path.























Planning ahead, this wooded path leading down towards the river in dappled light seemed like a great spot for a family portrait, or just to admire the light and shadows.

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves.












I love to switch lenses, angles and viewpoints. Nice Autumn photos don’t have to be all about photographing trees, a carpet of leaves, especially in dappled sunlight and even better if they are wet or frost covered, can make a lovely photo. I have been known to go round selecting the best leaves and arranging them for a photo, but this was just a random snap.

I have a large canvas wrap on my wall at home very similar to this and it looks very striking and pleasing on the eye. Contact me if you’d like some prices or see my last blog. Okay, so I have to be a bit commercial sometimes, especially with Christmas on the horizon!

autumn in Lancashire

Autumn light and shade.



Beech trees seem to hang on to their leaves longer than may others and are often generous with colour. I could envisage this wooded Lancashire scene being good for portrait photos too with someone in the foreground a bit to the left being framed by the leaves and tree trunks. I like to see a photo in my mind’s eye before I start to set it up, take a sample shot and review it. Sometimes it stands along as a nice image.

This is exactly what I did a year ago when I had the fortune to have wedding portraits to shoot and this location and was blessed with a particularly good Autumn and fine weather.

River Lune

A blaze of colour reflected in the Lune.

wedding portraits Lune

Strategically placed, newlyweds Shawn & Melissa.











I hope you have enjoyed my brief taste of Autumn by the River Lune. More Photographer’s Ramblings coming soon. Happy snapping!